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George C. Mazzella
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Searching for a job sucks, period. Here's how we fix it.

Let’s think back to the last time you searched for a role. Is your chest tightening? Suddenly you feel as if you’re back in that moment and more than your need for a new role, you feel the need for control. We can all agree that  searching for a new job is never fun and is usually spotted at the top of the list of “Things I never want to do again”. There are so many questions you can ask about this process, but the first one is the simplest one - why does this need to be so difficult?

"The truth is that it doesn’t… it’s just no one who can fix it has the reason to..."

The process of searching for a new role typically starts the same for everyone - you begin by reaching out to your close friends and family first. If that doesn’t work, you reach out to former mentors and colleagues. For some, this is where they luck out, and their journey ends, but we can assume you’re here because this isn’t you.

Having exhausted your network, and their networks, you decide to reach out to that recruiter who cold-emailed you a few months ago. If your profile is acceptable to their standards, you will probably have a courtesy call where you are told, “I don’t have anything that is a fit right now, but I will let you know if that changes”. After all, “timing is everything”. Now that you have exhausted those options, it's time to get proactive and find the role yourself. You sit down, pull out your computer and open the browser. After staring at your Google search bar or LinkedIn feed for several minutes you quickly realize you have no idea where to start. Rest assured, you are not the problem here, it’s the system that is broken.

Somehow, we exist in a time where there’s a surplus of executives seeking roles and for companies, a talent shortage that threatens their ability to scale.

Yet despite these issues being discussed constantly, the root cause has yet to be identified. This is most likely the case because the experts who you trust to tell you how to fix this would first need to realize that they are in fact part of the problem.

Internal recruiting teams are often under-resourced and over-leveraged and as a result of companies growing faster than ever, operating in increasingly more complex marketplaces, they need help. Now, before The Suite was there to empower them, their only option was the utilization of third-party agencies who have been using the same approach for the last 56 years with zero innovation despite the fact that our world has been going through the greatest technological era in its history (Learn about this in our article. So with zero innovation, how have Search Firms managed to survive? They did what many “middle-men” industries have done and shrouded their practice in mystery and secrets. The opacity of their business is what has been keeping this archaic industry unchallenged, but it’s time for that to change.

You shouldn't have to wait when it comes to your career.

The Suite was created to transform the way executives advance their careers and expand their networks. We redesigned executive networking from the ground up, vet and verify executive jobs, and provide dedicated job search coaching & support to empower Suite Members to find their next career-defining role. We’re bringing transparency and trust to an industry that had none. We aren’t the first to express unhappiness with the way executive hiring is done today... We just decided to do something about it.

We're on a mission to democratize access to opportunity and you better believe we intend to succeed.

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Our platform will automate the job search process and help you find your next role faster. As a member of The Suite, you will be able to access a variety of tools & services that will guide you through your job search journey. It's no secret that searching for a new job is stressful, we're here to make it easier.
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George Mazzella Headshot
George C. Mazzella
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, The Suite

George is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Suite. He founded The Suite in order to fundamentally change the way executives manage their careers.  Prior to founding The Suite in 2019, George spent several years in the executive recruiting space where he was fortunate enough to advise some of the world's leading VC & PE backed businesses on talent.

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