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Hey we get it, things happen and sometimes you need to reschedule your interview. Although this is a fairly common occurrence, people frequently go about it the wrong way and cost themselves the job. Below we answer some of the most common rescheduling questions and share insight on how to best position yourself and avoid damaging your candidacy.

How do you cancel an interview?

By email with plenty of notice. Anything less than 24 hours' notice should be reserved for emergencies only. Make sure you apologize for the inconvenience (it takes a lot of effort to align stakeholder calendars) and express how interested you are in the opportunity.

How honest can/should you be when cancelling an interview?

Being honest is always a good rule of thumb, but no need to go into specifics. Simply say something like you're "feeling under the weather", or are "tied up at work and won't be able to leave in time". Things happen and people get that. Just don't make a habit out of it!

How do you reschedule an interview for later?

You should include this at the end of your email. Make sure you remind them how interested you are in the company and opportunity and offer up days/times that you're free in the coming weeks. Be as flexible as possible to make sure they know this cancellation had nothing to do with your interest levels.

Does needing to reschedule hurt your chances of getting the job?

Unless there is a strict time constraint on the hiring plan, you should be fine. To be safe, make sure you reschedule ASAP to maintain momentum. People have missed out on offers when they drag the process out too long but rescheduling a few days later should not hurt your chances.

What are common mistakes people make when canceling or rescheduling an interview?

Some of the more common mistakes people make that cause them to lose the offer are:

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George Mazzella Headshot
George C. Mazzella
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, The Suite

George is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Suite. He founded The Suite in order to fundamentally change the way executives manage their careers.  Prior to founding The Suite in 2019, George spent several years in the executive recruiting space where he was fortunate enough to advise some of the world's leading VC & PE backed businesses on talent.

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