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George C. Mazzella
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We’ve all heard someone say that the best way to get a job is to use your network. But, what happens when you don’t have an extensive network on which to lean? You are told repeatedly throughout your career to count on networking without precisely knowing how to do it, let alone how to use it in your job search. That’s why we’re going to share four easy to implement practices that will supercharge your networking efforts and help you expand your reach further than you could have imagined.

Be sure to repeatedly practice these tips and use some of our other useful job search hacks to make your search as painless as possible!

Be Bold.

Developing new connections is the key to building and expanding your network beyond its current limits. Leverage any professional relationships you’ve made to tap into secondary networks by asking for introductions. You’d be surprised how many people will go above and beyond to help someone in need. Look, we get it; putting yourself out there can be scary, and asking for referrals can feel awkward, but you won’t be able to tap into the power of your network if you don’t ask people to open their own. Be sure to ask for intros to former colleagues, bosses, or anyone else who may be of value to your search.

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Make sure you offer to help others.

Too often, we can get lost in our own needs, and we think only of ourselves, and people pick up on it. Make sure you are offering to help others in any way that you can. Go above and beyond for others, and they will go above and beyond for you. Plus, by helping others when you can, you’ll feel a lot less awkward asking for help when you need it.

Stay connected with people.

Remember to stay in touch with people regularly, especially those who could prove strong contacts in the future. Schedule regular check-ins and make notes of recent updates so that you have things to discuss. Too many people start great business relationships only to allow them to fizzle out from a lack of communication. You don’t have to speak to them every week, but send an email every month or two to let them know you’re thinking about them. You’ll see that once you get into a rhythm, they’ll end up following suit.

Keep the momentum going.

Be sure to keep the outreach up and keep meeting people. Networking, like sales, is very much about the law of averages. You need to be meeting as many people as possible to make the most connections. Many will lead to nothing, but a handful will lead to you making meaningful connections and establishing strong contacts.

In conclusion.

Expand your network, prioritize delivering value to others as well as asking for help when you need it. Keep in touch with career mentors and former colleagues, and be willing to step out of your comfort zone to make new connections and establish new relationships to tap into others’ networks.

What’s the worst-case scenario? Sure, you may not get a job immediately, but you’ll have a more robust network than you did before.

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George Mazzella Headshot
George C. Mazzella
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, The Suite

George is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Suite. He founded The Suite in order to fundamentally change the way executives manage their careers.  Prior to founding The Suite in 2019, George spent several years in the executive recruiting space where he was fortunate enough to advise some of the world's leading VC & PE backed businesses on talent.

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