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Who can become a member?

In order to qualify for membership to The Suite, you must be a C-Level executive or have achieved the level of Vice President, Executive Director, or another equivalent senior leadership role within an organization of sufficient scale. All applications are subject to approval by our team. Learn more about the criteria in our: Membership Guidelines

How much does it cost?

The Suite is free to join. You have worked your entire career to get to where you are, who are we to get in the way of what you've already earned?

Can I do more than search for a job?

The Suite was built to be a full-service career growth platform. As a member, you'll have access to a variety of services that 1) make managing your career simpler than ever, 2) expand your network by connecting with other members with Rolodex, and 3) gives you access to executive coaching services to improve your leadership skills. The best part? There is so much more to come..

Will anyone know if I am looking for a job?

We believe in protecting your privacy above all else. Whether you are connecting with other members or accessing our coaching services, the only people who will know you are looking are the companies you choose to interact with. In fact, only 47% of our members are actively looking for a new job. The rest are there to network and collaborate!