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Achieving better outcomes for employees in transition

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Outplacement is a solution that aids outgoing employees as part of their separation agreement. The purpose of outplacement programming is to turn the corner and focus on achieving the next fulfilling role quickly.

We bring unparalleled agility, expertise, and technology to executive outplacement. We combined client-side executive search expertise with disruptive technology and a broad community to build an offering capable of supporting your outgoing employees in a way that they deserve.

We view outplacement as a necessary component of transition to help individuals look forward.

Executive Job Search Coaches
Expert Coaching
Every individual has access to an expert Job Search Coach who is trained on the most modern job search strategies and trends. They're there to guide your employees when they need it most, adapting to, proceeding confidently and excelling as they navigate their search.
Resume and Linkedin profile optimization
Target Identification & Brand Optimization
Our team of Job Search Coaches have helped thousands of executives identify their targets and improve their brand – Resumes and Online Identity - for better SEO searchability. We help candidates create an inbound job search funnel.
Personal Branding and outreach strategy
Custom Outreach Strategies
Today, a job search requires a proactive approach. Our Job Search Experts calibrate efficient search strategies and teach individuals how to effectively leverage their network to find their next job.

We're there for your people when they need it most

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We've developed a personalized job search coaching program built for the modern executive. Today's job market requires agility & a proactive approach. It’s easy to feel lost when conducting a job search. We think it's important that this transition experience meshes with your company's brand identity.

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Job Search Coaching Success

Our Coaches' Results

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Increase in interview volume
Increase in offer value
Shorter job search

Our platform simplifies the job search process

executive compensation data

Access to verified compensation data

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Our benchmarking algorithm will give them a full view of cash & equity pay levels across every function and company business stage.

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Our Compensation Data Is Built On

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Data Points

Thousands of executives have trusted our platform to advance their careers

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VP Lvl +

And here's what a few of them had to say...

5 Star Review

"I do not honestly know where I would be without The Suite. I hope that anyone reading this today recognizes what a difference The Suite can make and what an incredible team is behind the brand. The Suite is a truly unique career experience and investing in the Coaching services on top of the basic membership is worth its weight in gold. After all this is your life and your career!"

Susan Bryant: Director, Enterprise Sales, Americas at McAfee (NASDAQ: MCFE)
5 Star Review

"I've been working closely with The Suite team for 2 months now. Having lived overseas for many years, they helped tailor my resume and story to US best practices, which I never could have done on my own! Talk about a transformation, I now have the focus and confidence to engage recruiters and find my next dream job."

Nelson Allen: Chief Growth & Marketing Officer at GoBear
5 Star Review

"I would recommend George & The Suite to anyone looking to take their career to the next level. The advice and guidance they shared played a vital part in my career journey and they supported me through the interview process in ways I never imagined. They went above and beyond to set me up for a long and successful career. You will not be disappointed!"

Tamika Baker: Chief Risk & Responsibility Officer at Regional Management (NYSE: RM)
5 Star Review

"The Suite’s concierge services are worth every dollar - It’s like having a personal trainer for your career.  I completed a job search in record time and negotiated an offer significantly higher than I would have without George’s help.  They’re not going to do the work for you, but it’s great to have someone in your corner keeping you on track and pushing in the right direction."

Dov Rosenberg: VP Corporate Development at ARCOS LLC
5 Star Review

“When I found out I was getting laid off this year I was distraught. After spending 21 years with the same company, I had no idea how to conduct a job search. Thankfully, I discovered The Suite. My coach shared networking tips, helped me prep for interviews, and even helped me negotiate for higher pay! I hope I never find myself in that situation again, but if I do, I know who to call.”

Jeanne Huang: VP Global Brand & Communications at Nike (NYSE: NKE)

Outplacement services based on your needs

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Are you looking for an outplacement solution and experience that meshes with your company’s brand identity and helps your outgoing employees look forward?
Have you been referred to The Suite's Search offerings? Our team of coaches, and easy-to-use platform will help you find your next job faster.

How do we compare to other outplacement services?

Our competitors use outdated coaching methods and strategies for a job market that no longer exists. We designed our program for the modern executive.

The Suite's Approach
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Our coaches are executive search experts
Executive Focus
We designed our service for executives
We offer tools that no other company can
Success Metrics
We measure our success based on our results
Traditional Outplacement
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Their coaches lack true domain expertise
Executive Focus
They use a one-size fits all approach
They rely on spreadsheets and PDFs
Success Metrics
They measure success on avoiding legal action

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