Suite Membership Guidelines

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Our Membership Diversity Pledge
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We build each other up.

If you're familiar with The Suite, you’ve heard our mission statement: We’re democratizing access to opportunity. That means we are fighting for every person to have equal access to executive roles and professional growth, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. This promise is ingrained in the very foundation of our membership ecosystem. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, and each brings with them their own unique experiences. What they all have in common is the simple fact that they deserve to be here... they’ve earned it.

At The Suite, we believe in delivering access to opportunity. That being said, in order to protect the quality of our marketplace we must ensure that all of our members meet certain prerequisites. Below are our Member Guidelines, which break down the foundational criteria we use to assess potential members.

Active or Former C-Suite Executives
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People who are or were at some point in their careers, members of a company’s C-Suite and/or Executive Committee. This may include Founders if their company has achieved our Sufficient Scale criteria (defined below).
Rising Executive Leadership
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People who have achieved the level of "Senior Director", "Vice President" or "Senior Vice President" levels within a company of sufficient scale (defined below). For companies who operate in hierarchies where the "Director" title is placed above "Vice President", we will accept members with the “Executive Director” title as an equivalent to our normal standards.
Under-titled Senior Leadership
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Many times people who stay at a company for too long may miss out on the title and salary increases they deserve, holding them below their true market value. We are here to fix that! For people who have reached the "Director" level at companies of significant scale (defined below), we will accept into our network and give them the coaching and support they need to get to where they deserve to be.

We will approve these cases on a case by case basis and look at the following criteria when deciding:
• Are they the most senior person at their company in their functional area?
• Have they completed a minimum of 2 cycles at the Director level?
• Do they drive the future strategy of the business and represent said company’s strategic direction?
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For those who work in businesses that operate within a Partnership structure, we consider those who have reached at least the Principal level (or equivalent) to fit our membership requirements. Additionally, they must have held this role at a company that generates at least $50 million in annual revenue.
Non-Profit Sector
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For the Non-Profit sector we hold potential members to the same corporate level requirements defined above; however, the definition of scale within this sector is defined as an institution that has an annual revenue (including donations) of at least $25 million.
Public Sector
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Those who work in the public sector will not be held to the definitions set above in regards to revenue requirements. Instead membership decisions will be made based on the following criteria:
• What is the scope and scale of their mandate?
• How many years in public service have they completed?
• Are they the senior-most leader within their function/area?

We make all membership decisions based on the needs of our marketplace and meeting one or more of these requirements will not guarantee your acceptance. Please note that we do not make these decisions lightly and appreciate your understanding should your application not be approved.
Sufficient Scale: We define sufficient scale being a company who has raised at least a Series B or has an annual revenue of $5 million or more.
Significant Scale: We define as a company that has raised a Series E+ or attained a Market Capitalization of at least $1 billion.