About Us

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The Suite is a career management & job search automation platform built to transform the way executives navigate their careers. We built our platform to take the stress out of the job search process and help executives find their next job faster. As a member of The Suite, you will have access to the right tools & coaching to guide you through your job search journey and simplify the entire job search process. It's no secret that searching for a new job is stressful, we're here to make it easier.

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Our Story

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Back in 2018 when George Mazzella first had the idea for The Suite, it began as a private job marketplace to connect executives & companies directly. The goal was to disrupt the world of executive recruiting where he had spent several years placing executives into some of the world's leading companies. Shortly after launching The Suite in late 2019, the concept quickly evolved into a full service Career Management Platform equipped with tools for to benchmark eir compensation, access exclusive executive jobs, and interact with their fellow members in order to expand their own networks. The mission was simple: Democratize Access to Opportunity and provide members with the support they needed in order to advance their careers. The Suite's journey has only begun. Read the full story...

Our Mission

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The Suite's mission is to democratize access to opportunity and transform the way executives navigate their careers. The job search process is broken, we're here to fix it.

Our Members

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From Unicorn Founders to Fortune 50 Executives, we have brought together the most diverse and accomplished network in existence and continue to grow it daily. Our members stretch from coast to coast across the United States and many have spent time leading international businesses. What they do or where they're from may differ, but their reason for joining is the same. They seek to champion the careers of those around them while growing their own. Read the full breakdown of our Membership Guidelines.

General FAQ

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How do I become a member?

The Suite reviews all applications to join its network. The easiest way to obtain membership is to be invited by our team or nominated by an active member, and meet our Membership Guidelines. You may also apply directly through our site, but please note that all applications are subject to approval by our team.

Is there a fee for joining?

No, at The Suite we don't believe in taxing access to opportunity... simple as that.

Who can become a member?

In order to qualify for membership to The Suite, you must be a C-Level executive or have achieved the level of Vice President (or equivalent) within an organization of sufficient scale. For more information on who can join, check out our Membership Guidelines. All applications are subject to approval by our team. Interested in joining?